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Black Holes, Time Travel & Aliens With Abhi & Niyu | The Ranveer Show 88

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Abhi&Niyu have become one of India’s fastest growing Instagram accounts. Why? Because they represent the new age form of REAL journalism. Quite possibly the most well-known citizen journalists out there.

The strong voice behind these informative videos is Abhi. From trends to political information to the environment, they talk about every topic under the sun. But what’s even more beautiful about their content is that they always try to create solution-oriented videos. Their aim is to impact every last bit of this country’s population by creating strong leaders through their videos.

You saw this power-packed couple on the podcast a couple of months back. This time, Abhi comes on board to talk about his and my favorite topic, outer space. From Aliens to time travel to black holes, we had the most interesting conversation on it.

If you’re a space and science geek then this episode is for you. Abhi from Abhi&Niyu in conversation with Ranveer Allahbadia.

Black Holes, Time Travel & Aliens With Abhi & Niyu | The Ranveer Show 88
#timetravel #space

0:00 – Introduction
1:42 – Shocking things about outer space
4:16 – What is a wormhole?
6:16 – Ranveer explains ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’
10:56 – What are black holes?
16:49 – Abhi’s opinion on Aliens
18:41 – His take on advanced species
20:47 – Ranveer & Abhi on Interstellar’s concept
22:50 – Abhi on how we manipulate our memory
23:50 – Abhi on knowledge & confidence curve
26:26 – His time travel/alien based movie recommendations
30:50 – Last message for science geeks

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About :
BeerBiceps by Ranveer Allahbadia is the ULTIMATE self-improvement & self-help channel. We began as a channel only for fitness & health enthusiasts. Eventually, we started covering topics such as fashion, grooming, personal finance, etiquette, meditation, mental health, communication skills & even entrepreneurship.

Today BeerBiceps is the home for The Ranveer Show or TRS – India’s smartest podcast. A show where we host the country’s greatest success stories and try digging out their secrets to success. Every conversation on The Ranveer Show is intellectual, deep & informational. We cover everyone from entrepreneurs to Bollywood film stars to even athletes. Every conversation is an EXTREME learning experience for the viewer.

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