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Astral Projection Techniques – 3 Unique Free Astral Travel Techniques
A large number of exciting free astral travel techniques can be found all over the Internet. The best of them, the most unique techniques, are available at Divina Ciencia, the site of the superior knowledge. If you are interested in having an astral projection, you do not have to spend your hard earned cash on costly CDs, books, and courses. Free astral projection techniques, easily available online, can guide you.

Here are a few free astral travel techniques from Divina Ciencia.

1. Chant Mantras

Mantras are a collection of effective sounds that can alter states of consciousness. The site makes a list of certain mantras such as “Faraon,” “Egipto,” “Laras,” and “Tairerererere,” which can put one in a state of mind favorable for astral projection.

The mantras must be chanted aloud thrice, after which the student is required to settle down in a comfortable position and chant the mantras mentally till light sleep and subsequently an astral projection is induced.

This must be practiced regularly.

2. The Jump

Develop the habit of closely observing almost every single thing, person, place, and object in the physical world. You will soon carry this habit into your dreams and become more aware of them.

If you practice this regularly, you will spot something unusual soon. It could be a flying creature, a strange building, or a person in medieval clothes. You can then ask yourself the question: “Am I in the astral world or the physical?” To find the answer to your question, you only have to give a little jump. If you fall back to earth, you are on earth. And if you continue floating without falling back, you have astral projected and are in the astral world.

This, however, must be practiced regularly.

3. Heart Concentration

Lie down in a comfortable position. When you are completely relaxed, focus on your own heart. Try to visualize it, observe how it beats, and note its color and texture. You need not worry about factual details. Simply use your imagination. If you practice this regularly, you will really succeed in seeing your heart as it is.

After you have successfully seen the exterior of your heart, imagine its interiors. Then being imagining the cells of the heart. Then, focus on a single cell and finally the nucleus.

You cannot hurry this process and you cannot be impatient. Practice this daily. You can fall asleep as you do this exercise. Chances are that you will have a lucid dream, followed by an astral projection.

There are plenty of free astral travel techniques out there; and all of them might not work for you. Study as many as you can and try them out. Select the ones that work for you and stick to them. This will help you have an astral projection.
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