Apparition of Jesus Christ

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According to a Christian Science
The apparition result from a real objective intervention of a higher power which enables the beneficiary to make true contact with the being that appears and makes itself known.
Its ben fully acknowledge that many so called apparition can be explain as nothing more than hallucinatory experience , but it maintains
If it can be shown
Than the seer has experienced a real objective presence that is not of this world, than an authentic apparition has occurred .
I present you with never seen footage I took while I came face to face contact with the Supernatural itself as I worked as a healer, a reiki practitioner, and a massage therapist in the cabin surrounded by wilderness in Alaska.
My name is Miska Northstar,and this is my story.
Last year 2012 I just finished the day of work and sat down in the chair to relax, suddenly I felt an enormous energy surrounding me,overpowering me i felt like someone staring at me looking at me
looking inside of me.The stare came from one of the ocean prints hanging on the cabin wall.
(While vacationing in Florida last year i was taking pictures of the ocean, and the ocean waves upon returning to Alaska I enlarged the 4/6 to an 11/16 paper prints hanged than up on the wall)
Than clearly , I saw the face of Jesus Christ, as He stared at me I stared right back at Him till I started to cry, the tears become rivers as I sat and prayed.
Yes I pray I pray , every day ,I feel blessed and overwhelmed I feel the energy of the Divine.
Strongly believe that I’m holding on to one of the most important information of Christianity of man kind ,I believe that He is already among us
This is my second video I’m posting on U-Tube as the Supernatural appeared ,and made Himself known the first one was Easter Sunday 2012 -since this apparition
I have images coming in an every day basic.
Now I’m collecting notes from people who saw these images , last time someone wrote a comment
He looks like the Shroud of Turin. I share this video who believes in Him
God Bless