Alexa, Google, Siri – Conspiracy Theory

Some have come up with a weird conspiracy theory that these personal assistance like Alexa, Google, and Siri are listening to you, or in other words spying on you. But, given my experience and research within this industry I can say with certainty that they are not spying on you. All data collected within these three are completely anonymous and not user data is passed between your phone and the manufacture.
While these three remain anonymous and are user triggered, others like Facebook still have a proven record to listen to you without prior knowledge. I can’t say for certain that this is true, but some research into it shows that my theory isn’t far from the truth.
Remember, as a user you have control over what apps get access to on your phone, so please check your privacy settings and make up your own mind on whether you want people ease dropping on you.

Thank you to Steve W for today’s video idea.

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