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ALCYON PLEIADES NEWS REPORT 49 – 2015: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena…


As can be understood by watching the Alcyon Pleiades videos, we are living the most critical moment in the history of mankind, as the planet is in a transformative phase; an extreme change that has never been seen before… and this is also being accompanied by the arrival of large quantities of photonic energy producing an awakening, a profound change, a genetic mutation in people, whilst a myriad of global events, geopolitical, governmental, religious and social changes are taking place everywhere, which are necessary for the deactivation and removal of the elite and their allies of the visible and shadow government, as well as the Alien usurpers who are fighting to keep hold of our planet.

With these videos we hope to open peoples eyes to the many events that surround us, which the traditional media sources hide from us or misreport, to raise awareness to the natural and climatic imbalances, the increasingly dramatic and critical social situations, the warmongering, crisis and conflicts throughout the planet… Also, the hidden conspiracies and plots, the increasing number of UFO sightings and other subjects, all of which are explained in more depth in the Alcyon Pleiades videos.

We will continue to periodically report to our followers using a compilation of of news articles, interviews, headlines and documents that will help us to become more aware of the times in which we live.
Video created by Alcyon

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