Air Crash Miracles – Rodney Cassel – Bad Religion “I Want Something More”

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Gouge Clothing presents…Air Crash Miracles…a 40 minute Skate Video made in 1992 showcasing the riders sponsored by Gouge Clothing. Bad Religion and Fu Manchu generously donated their music and the video was Produced by Jim Alfaro and Ken Pucci.

Riders include: Tony Buyalos, Tom Boyle, Kareem Cambell, Rodney Cassel, John Drake, Darren Menditto, John Montessi, Jeremy Renteria, George Wantanabe, Jeff Taylor, Bobby Kuhns, Jim Duhamel, Marcell Johnson, Jesse Roach, Allan O’Braichlan and more.

The footage is VHS, VHS -C and Hi8. All editing was performed using 3 VHS decks, various cameras and a MX10 switcher. All cuts were tediously performed one at a time.

Check out each segment and Enjoy.