Alien Abductions Aliens And Ufo's Documentaries

Abducted? The story of an Alien Abduction.

Abducted? Out of the blue and out of the ordinary.
Written, directed, filmed & performed by William Morgan
(Filmed at home on a Samsung A70 during Level 5 Covid-19 Lockdown on the 1st Jan 2021)

Official Selection Lift-Off Online Sessions 2021.

Online Festivals

Derek believes he was abducted by aliens. He believes they carried out experiments on his body. He believes they will return. He believes we are not alone. He believes they may have made him ‘super smart’. Do you believe Derek?!

Music by Double Denim, featuring Vincent Walsh (vocals)
Ben Danzig (Bass), Assaf Engel (Drums).

#covid19 #staysafe #stayathome #becreative #shortfilm #selfshot #Samsung #SamsungA70
#lift-offonlinesessions #lift-off #abducted

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