7 Signs You’re Dating a Reptilian Shapeshifter! – Illuminati Alien Reptilian Hybrid Shapeshifters

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Reptilian shapeshifters from space have infiltrated our world. So how can you tell if you’re dating one? Take the test NOW! Seven simple questions will allow you to deduce whether or not you’re in a relationship with one of these cold-blooded entities. These masters of subterfuge have existed too long without being detected. But now we know the Truth – they live among us. They have interbred with humans for countless decades, and many apparent humans are in fact reptilian hybrids, with sinister motives and supernatural abilities.

About me: I changed my identity in 2004 to Xander Starchild to make it more difficult for the reptilian oppressors to spy on me. I have read several books, some of which are about reptillian invasions. I’ve also got a lot of experience in searching google to find the RIGHT information – it’s not what they tell you – IT’S WHAT THEY DON’!. Fight the evil power of the reptilian illuminati – watch, learn and teach. Awareness is our main weapon in the fight against this scourge.
Copyright – this video is my own personal work under the free copyright act. It can be distributed unedited to anyone for non profit. Music is my own work based on a melody from a nightmare. Do not steal or else beware of bad dreams and evil demons.

Twitter: @XanderStarchild