5 REAL Ghost Stories | Supernatural Scary Stories from Subscribers

The Supernatural is Coming as Subscribers Ghost Stories! These are REAL Ghost Stories!

You don’t have to wait for Halloween for the spirits, ghosts and poltergeist to reveal themselves. No, paranormal activity is all around us all the time. The supernatural is an every day occurrence that fills our world with scary stories, short stories, ghost stories and tales of the paranormal. Thanks to our Subscribers, I have 5 REAL Ghost Horror Stories that will have you praying you’ll never be a paranormal witness. Be brave and stay warm – The ghosts are here, the ghosts are real, and they’re not going anywhere. Well, until Halloween when they’ll be on the prowl. Enjoy!

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5 REAL Ghost Stories | Supernatural Scary Stories from Subscribers
– Followed by Invisible Hand from DausMauie
– The White Lady Spirit from Nightwatcher666
– Little House into the Woods from DausMauie
– Ghost in my Bedroom from cat lover
– Barret Ranch Haunted House from Alyssa_Scarlet

All music by Kevin MacLeod. 5 REAL Ghost Stories | Supernatural Scary Stories from Subscribers submitted from Subscribers. Footage by Emily Middleton.
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