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5 Creepiest Ouija Board Stories

5 Creepy Ouija Board Stories

Ouija Board are said to open up portals to the after life and have the potential to let demons and bad spirits into the players home, Now if you believe in this or not these 5 Terrifying Ouija board stories definitely make you question the boards powers.

From a mum who was attacked by a mysterious man after being told to “DIE” during an Ouija board session to the real story behind The Exorcist movie, Roland Doe, who was said to be possessed by a powerful demon that was controlling him. and I couldn’t leave out the scary story of Mrs Nellie Hurd who after playing with an Ouija board was apparently told by a spirit that her husband was having an affair and that she must torture him in order to find the truth.

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I did mention Roland Doe in one of my very first videos, 5 Cases of Demonic Possession but I decided to take that video down and re do it at a later date, I just felt like my current content is much better quality now than when I started a few months back and I would like to re do that video to my current standard for you all to enjoy it to its most potential!


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