#42: Lenny Bloom on Jesuit influence part 2 – Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park

Originally released December 26, 2013

Lenny Bloom had such a great time sitting down with us last time, we did it again almost immediately. Please go back to episode #41 if you have not already heard part one. There are even more incredible revelations on this show. While it is Christmas time for many, it is also a time to reveal the hidden power structure. Pleas enjoy this holiday offering.

Lenny’s on-air partner and judicial researcher Sherman Skolnick regularly offered a mega-dose of information that often caused one’s jaw to hit the floor. Sherman’s valuable website is still available, here: Skolnick’s Report.

In this conversation, we follow-up on the Jesuits influence throughout history. A lot of materials are referenced here – There are more links below to get you into some great books that show all of this is well researched. The following book is all well worth your time.

The Two Babylons or Papal Worship by Rev. Alexander Hislop
Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity by Roderick Meredith

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