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Aliens and UFO’s are real and these will show you why!
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Many think alien abductions are just tall tales coming from people wanting attention. But for others, especially those that have experienced them first hand, they are proof that Alien life exists. The next four stories chronicle the personal experiences of several individuals, each one more fascinating then the next. These are 4 INCREDIBLE & STRANGE ALIEN ABDUCTION CASES

4. Kelly Cahill

Kelly Cahill was driving home from a friend’s house with her husband near Melbourne, Australia on August 8, 1993. It was after midnight when the two spotted a strange set of lights. The craft they were attached to looked round in shape with several “windows” running along it and It was hovering silently up the road ahead.

Without warning, it shot to the left in a split second and disappeared. The couple was baffled but they continued to drive and after about a mile they were suddenly inundated with bright lights coming from above. The light was so intense Kelly had to cover her eyes. Their hearts raced, her husband kept on driving hoping to get away and then after a few moments the lights disappeared.

3. Betty and Barney Hill

Betty was a social worker while Barney worked at the US Postal Service. The couple was driving home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire after a weekend trip to see Niagara Falls. It was September 19, 1961, the day Betty observed a bright moving light in the sky. She reasoned it was probably a falling star but later on as the lights moved erratically and would grow bigger and brighter, she urged Barney to stop the car so they could watch it and also giving their dog a bathroom break from the long drive.

Betty looked at the strange lights again and realized that it must be a UFO. Barney at first thought it was a commercial liner but after seeing the sudden turns it made began to agree with his wife.

2. The Falcon Lake Incident

Stefan Michalak was a mechanic by trade; but he loved prospecting for silver in his spare time. He left his home in Manatoba Canada on May 19th 1967, spent the night at a hotel and in early morning of May 20th, headed to Falcon Lake. By 9:00 AM, he began digging and a little after noon, was startled by several geese grunts. He looked up and that’s when he saw two cigar-shaped crafts flashing red and orange lights. They were slowly descending and as they approached, he could see they were more oval and disc-shaped.

One of the crafts stopped descending while the other continued down and landed on a rock about 160 feet away from where he was. The remaining object in the sky changed colors into gray and flew off West. The stationary craft also turned gray and A strong sulphuric smell emanated from the area.

1. The Maury Island incident

Although it’s not as popular as the other’s in this list, a unique and terrifying UFO encounter occurred on Maury Island in Washington State just two weeks before the famous Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico.

In 1947, floating logs escaping from lumber mills commonly plagued the Puget Sound. It was a hazard that needed to be cleaned up regularly and it was Harold Dahl’s job to do just. Dahl was a seaman who worked on harbor patrol, along side his supervisor Fred Crisman.

On June 21, Dahl, together with his two men, his son and their dog were out in Puget Sound collecting wayward logs and By 2 PM their boat had reached the eastern shore of Maury Island. It was then when he looked up in the air that he noticed six doughnut-shaped crafts flying about 2000 feet above his boat. They were approximately 100 feet in diameter; with their center hole about 25 feet. Five of them were circling over a sixth one, which remained at the center. Soon, the middle ship descended and hovered just 500 feet above the water.


These encounters serve as strong proof there could be more about our universe we don’t know. All we need to do is keep an open mind and maybe one day; we’ll have definitive proof that we’re not alone.

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