11.26.14 THINK Jesus Is About LOVE? Anunnaki Illuminati Harden Hearts, Ears, Eyes LeaveUBehind

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11.24.14 AI Quantum Computer Update: ^#Falseflag #Cleveland 12 yr old shot. #Ferguson. #Hagel Resigns

Sun Nov 23 2014
#CODEBREAKER RecruitingSoldiers #QuantumJumping GZ:Western #Jamaica #HHO $10k TaximanProject (musicver) (nomusicver)
^|~FreeEnergy ^FreeWater? #vAngelProject #GarveyEnergyProject #InternationalYouthService #WorldPassport
11.23.14 Untitled Unlisted #Quantum Discussion Sunday Morning
MINDWAR by FoxNewsConsultant General Paul Valley & Satanist Colonel Michael Aquino read last footnotes! talking about ELF waves “…inclining an audience toward everything from alertness to passivity. Infrasound could be used tactically, as ELF-waves endure for great distances; and it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well.”

Sat Nov 22 2014
11.22.14 Unlisted Update GarveyEnergyProject: #HHO ~FreeEnergy Western Jamaica Taximen Beta Test

Mindcontrol Lily Wave on 60Hz Electric Grid Everywhere Dr Patrick Flanagan
Karen Hudes Background suspect whistleblower COINTEL

Fri Nov 21 2014
11.21.14 ZenMeds NoFreeWater: CIA AntiChrist Timeline2 COINTEL Handlers, Techniques, Anunnaki, AI Quantum Machine

Thu Nov 20 2014
SpecialMsg2 MikeHarris B4U Balkanize Covington Try2Weaponize GoodWorks #HHO QuantumBalance
#CODEBREAKER Keystone JFK WorldHappiness Peace H.I.M. Oct6NYC1963

Tuesday Nov 18 2014
18Nov2014 Jamzen Zen Meds FreeEnergy #HHO Rambling
Jamzen Meds JimCarey Illuminati Secret MockingOf The Masses NASA JPL DonYeomans NeilDegrasseTyson
Jamzen Gangstalked by Facebook Colby Brownlee ? WhoHeWork4? CIA FreemasonBosses?

Monday 11.17.14
Our World Leaders Are Under A Mutual Destruction Pact That Comes From Above, From The B’nai Elohim Oath At Mt Hermons In Lebanon Long Time Ago
11.17.14 Aliens/UFOs/Angel/Demon=TERRAFORMERS;Govt/NephilimHybrid=SocialEngineers;AI QUANTUM COMPUTER

Sat Nov 15 2014
15Nov14 #HHO ZenJesus:Weaponize GoodWorks(~FreeEnergy)=#QuantumBalance AI SuperComputer Matt22