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You never know what will happen on an Emergency Call – You don’t even know if you’ll make it out in one piece!

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TRUE Horror Stories Timestamps!

1. It Was Here from Anonymous 1:11
2. My First Firefighter Call from DerekP52 6:44
3. Uncle Vinny, the EMT from XxAtroticusxX 08:25
4. My Father’s Friend from Jennifer 13:42
5. My Strange Police Chase from Eddy_Versace 16:23
6. Long-Armed Creature from Ryan 19:48
7. Should Have Went Out of Service from Siearra 23:46
8. Psychiatric or Possessed? from nhparamedic 30:42
9. Scary Police Experience from Jack 33:06
10. Not Supposed to be Living Lady from Giovanna 35:51

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