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Mermaids (some call them sirenas or sereias) really exist! After this video you’ll believe in their existence cause real mermaid was found and caught on camera in the Philippines! She was just swimming in the sea when people discovered her … This man there tried to catch her so she swam away… i don’t know why did he do that… i mean mermaids are afraid of people and now.. maybe we won’t see her anymore because she is too afraid…

By the way look at her she has so awesome tail! I wanna have a mermaid tail! According to some people there are some spells that can make you sirena! I mean when you say some special words you can become into mermaid! But this is only for girls/women because you can’t be a boy or a man and have a tail… some people say that there are merman / mermen but honestly i don’t believe that… i don’t know nobody have never seen a merman so i don’t believe they really exist… But if you a girl you can try the spells i don’t know do they really work but i hope so… so one of my friends claims that she becomes into mermaid in her free time after school and swims… So she told me that you just have to drink a glass of water and after that you have to say ”ashee le me sirena” and you will have a tail! A real mermaid tail! … I believe her… but in my own opinion most of the people don’t like mermaids because there are so many films like Pirates of the Caribbean where mermaids are presented like evil and ferocious monsters that attack sailors… and that’s why i think maybe 70% of people don’t like sirenas so if i become into mermaid and someone see me maybe he/she will scream and will try to protect himself/herself from me… even the girls in h2o don’t wanna be seen by humans… however… By the way i really believe that mermaid spells work because i’ve watched mermaid melissa, sevensupergirls and sevenperfectangels (you can watch them in YouTube) and they become into mermaids and swim and after that they upload their videos here so you can watch them!! They are so cute …Mermaid melissa is my favourite! A lot of people think that she uses a fake mermaid tail (costume) but she doesn’t… she’s a genuine sirena!

Some people say that mermaids live in the underwater town called Atlantis …You maybe have heard about this lost city… some divers say that they have seen it in Indian Ocean near the Coast.. one of them even caught it camera but when he uploaded the photo in internet most of the people didn’t believe and said that this is an edited image …but i beleive him! In my own opinion mermaids really need a place where they are together and protect themselves from some sea monsters like kraken (you know the giant squids) or megalodons so sirenas have to be protected! And that’s why i really believe Atlantis is real!

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I hope you believe in mermaids after all those evidence! I don’t get why so many people can’t believe in these aquatic creatures… i mean there are millions or even billions of people who believe in some obviously not real things like ghosts, aliens, UFOs and other supernatural things but they can’t believe in mermaids… but think about that : what are actually sirenas? They are just women with tails and maybe some magical powers… according to many legends they can do simple magics… If you have watched movies like h2o or mako mermaids you know about that… i don’t know is that really true but maybe it is… however it doesn’t matter… They are so astonishing! I really wanna be mermaid! To swim all day with other sirens. Do you wanna be sirena too? Do you like their tails? Really? Tell me in the comments below!

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  • Bethann0214

    Idk really what id say 2 that….i do believe thst anything is possible and a lot of things are beyond our grasp we believe that since we can’t see it it makes it not real as for me I believe in all the things the 1s i cant see&the things i cant see…