Real Grey Aliens Caught on Tape 2015 Compilation REAL FOOTAGE

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Here is a video compilation of the best evidence for Grey aliens visiting earth. Could any of these clips be a real Grey Alien caught on tape? Leave a comment on what you think! Thanks for watching! Subscribe to ApexTV for more videos like this! Click this link to Subscribe to ApexTV – and visit our channel here – .
What is a Grey Alien? A grey alien is a supposed species of alien with large black eyes and a slit for a nose. They are usually described to be around 4ft tall and are called Greys for the color of their skin color. Do you believe Greys exist? Watch this video and decide for yourself! If you liked the video be sure to share it with this link – . Post it on Facebook, Twitter and every other social network! If you want to see more videos like this be sure to go to our channel here – and even consider subscribing! Go here – to be redirected to our custom playlist of all the BEST alien videos on ApexTV! Thanks for watching and have a great day!
This video was made for entertainment purposes only and in no way is to be taken literally.