Jim Sparks U.F.O. Abductee – Reptilian Slit Eyes!

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I was checking out this guy’s testimony of UFO abduction and could not help but notice very clear reptilian slit eyes. As many have witnessed about the UFO abductions there appears to be a likelihood that many of these high tech beings are in fact demons, devils, or beasts that serve Satan. Notice Jim seems to be aware, and ashamed, of what his eyes look like, as you see him looking down or away, and scratching his face near his eyes a lot. My guess is they can abduct him because inwardly he chooses Satan and does not reject his servants and their agenda, and the more he serves them the more power indwelling reptilian devils might enter into him, and this demonic / devil possession is what causes the eye pupils to fluctuate to the beast form of the being indwelling him.