IT”S TRUE – You Can Refuse Alien Abduction! – WATCH

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This video is to educate you that you do not have to be abducted by Aliens. Just watch the video and see that if you don’t want to be abducted call on God And/Or his son Jesus Christ, Because It Doesn’t matter which, because we owe them both the same respect, even though they are 2 separate beings the father & son are one. This Is True, there is no agree to disagree on this. This is reality, so call on them to help you when you are this situation of Alien Abduction, and they will help you, & as you see in the video help comes fast!

If you want to know why God & his Son Jesus Christ get involved in helping you, it is because these Gray Aliens doing the Abductions, & the Reptilian Aliens who are the brains for these abductions, even though they are behind the scenes. Are At War With God, and serve Satan. If You Think This is ludicrous Check Out The links below to see how it is not, & start your own research. Do not just take my word for it. Find this information if this is true on your own.

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