In Search Of… Earth Visitors

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Season 4 – Episode 19. “Earth Visitors”
Were our earliest ancestors travelers from other planets?

Throughout history, some people have claimed experiences that are the supposed results of alien visitation. While some of the factors of extraterrestrial visits range in variety, the basic structure stays the same, motivating further research into the topic.

Alien visitation refers to an intentional encounter between an extraterrestrial being to a human. For alien visitation to be considered a real issue among researchers, extraterrestrials must be proven to have a valid motivation for visiting, and the encounter must be scientifically possible and probable. As of now, theories have been put forth by various researchers regarding the validity of alien visitation.
The proposed motives for extraterrestrial visitations can be classified into three subsections: 1) attempt to influence the future of humanity, 2) attempt to warn or enlighten, and 3) experimental use.
According to ancient astronaut hypothesis, extraterrestrials had been active in the affairs of early man. Furthermore, Erich Von Däniken, a notable ancient astronaut believer, considers that the deities of ancient cultures were attempts at explaining alien visitation. Because Von Däniken’s hypothesis is considered purely speculative, the ancient astronaut hypothesis has no support within the scientific community. According to ancient astronaut devotees, proof of alien visitations in antiquity are found prevalently in patterns of art, technology, and engineering. To them, the Moai statues on Easter Island, the Pyramids of Egypt, and Stonehenge can all be easily explained through the ancient astronaut hypothesis. They also argue that the technological advances in antiquity are the result of alien visitation, citing unaccounted for invention and abnormal historical surges in technology as proof for their claims. The ancient astronaut hypothesis suggests that the motive for alien visitation is to influence the future of mankind. In fact, some ancient astronaut proponents even mention the cause of World War II and the atomic bomb as effects of alien visitation and activity. Although mainstream science and historians dismiss these claims as make believe, they do provide ample motive for a supposed alien visitation.
Rather than hypothetically or historically based, this proposed motive for alien visitation is based on supposed alien abduction accounts. According to most supposed alien abductees, an abduction session is always concluded with an instructional portion, where the extraterrestrials show supposed abductees one of three different scenarios. Generally, the “abductee” is shown either 1) a world destroyed by war and pestilence, 2) a result of extraterrestrial technological advancement or 3) a specific duty to perform. Many times, the “abductee” is shown multiple scenarios. According to ancient astronaut proponents, these modern abduction accounts fit the ancient astronaut narrative, claiming that the instructional portion carries many similarities to ancient prophecies or oracle sessions. In particular the revealing of extraterrestrial technology fits with the narrative of extraterrestrials assisting in human advancement.
Another facet of abductee testimonial, which provides motive for alien visitation, is the use of experimentation. In nearly all alien supposed abductee experiences, the abductee recalls being examined upon. Reportedly, the examinations are generally centered around the human sex organs, while focus is also put on the cranium and skin. This experimentation process leads some to believe that the motive for extraterrestrial visitation is to use human body functions to either: 1) save their own race 2) help our race to survive or 3) genetically alter the human gene pool in order to serve their own purposes.