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    23:10 “SEE HOW HE STOOD UP,?” EVP



    [A lot of bed shakes, tugging, pulling, crawling over me while sleeping. Poking and prodding. Middle of the night I got up and placed a voice recorder in the hallway, outside my bedroom. 00:17 weird noise, Whispers, Murmuring, voices, at 1:57, “Ray?” 2:08 “Keith” at 2:12, other whispers, murmurs, 2:19 “EVP” 3:53 “Keith”, 6:03 another “Ray!” Ray quickly responds at 6:04. 6:06 thru 6:08 conversation going. 6:06 accent voice “You Like?” accent voice sounds like “Chew like” weird dialect. 6:46 “EVP”, 23:10 “SEE HOW HE STOOD UP,?” EVP coincides with me getting out of the bed. Murmur and whisper then “Fast” 23:31. [Is he implying I got out of bed fast?] 23:41 a response of “Yeah” 26:36 “How are you? or Hello?” I turn off recorder and leave the house.]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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