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    With the help of a team led by Christopher Conselice at the University of Nottingham in the UK, NASA has just released a statement saying that our previous estimates of the number of galaxies in the universe were off, way off. Using information previously gathered by the Hubble Space Telescope in the mid 90’s, combined with new mathematical equations and further reach, they said that the previous estimate of around 2oo Billion galaxies is actually ten times that, to the tune of 2 Trillion…yes Trillion.

    That would mean that over 90% of the universe is literally unreachable and unmapped. Keeping that in mind we are most likely wrong again with this estimate as well, we will always be wrong based on the technology we have at the time.

    Nonetheless, knowing what we do know, it’s very hard to believe that we are the only life forms out there, amongst the seemingly infinite number of stars and planets circling within the now proven 2 TRILLION galaxies.

    Looking forward to others opinions.

    Thank you.

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