A Pyramid Discovered In Kentucky Ley Lines Inter Dimensional Portals

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It is a fact that the majority of the North American population know there are pyramids in Kemet (Egypt), but you’d be hard pressed to find a person who resides in North America that could tell you there are pyramids right here in North America. This one is located in Eastern Kentucky. There are 100’s of pyramids and earthen pyramid mounds here in North America. It is always said that no one knows who built them. But the truth is, they were built by the ancestors of the so-call African Americans & so-called Indigenous Indians. We have been here long before slavery. We are the original indigenous people of this land.

Now, it’s interesting when you tell people that Black African people were here in what is now called North America before the so-called indigenous Indians that you get a very strange look. Fact is that this is a very well guarded secret until the internet came along. It is thought by many people that so-called African Americans only history on this planet is that we were rounded up on the west coast of Africa, put on slave ships and brought overe to these North American shores as slaves. This is true, but all of us did not arrive here through slavery. Many so-called African Americans were already here when the so-called indigenous
Indians arrived from their journey across the Bering Straight. We were already here when Caucasians arrived. Actually Columbus’s ships were navigated by Black African people called Moors. When the slaves came off of the slave ships there were Black African people already here. My Great, great, great, great grand mother was from the Choctaw Nation who married Daniel Boone and was actually an owner of slaves (trust me, I dislike that fact of her owning slaves). She was a Black Choctaw So-Called Indian. This was on my mothers side of my family. My father was also a Choctaw and explained to me when I was very young, about 7 or 8 years old that the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt where built by Black African people and that there would be some white people that would always deny it. He also explained that the Moors where Black people and you can find Moors around the world. The history of my Choctaw culture was explained to me when I was very young also.

There are people that want the world to believe that we were nothing but slaves and we have no history or culture other than that. I have had a Brown skinned Brazilian woman say to me that Black Americans have no history and a Black African Caribbean tell me that also. Now all you have to do it to just read the comments on some these YouTube videos to see what people of all ethnicity have to say about Black Africans in America. So our true history is a well guarded secret that is being exposed BIG time now and when someone like me tells the truth about it, you open yourself up to a lot, both negative and positive. Peace 2 All.

The originator of this video is from AnnyaMoon channel. The audio is from ScuminattiDisclosure channel.

Peace 2 All!

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