9/11 – The Impossible Case of the WTC Collapses

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9/11 Revisited:

On 9/11 some very strange things occurred, which apparently resulted in the suspension of the laws of Physics. Three World Trade Center skyscrapers collapsed, but only two of them were struck by planes. All three collapses, however, were, as the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) claims, caused by the heat from office fires weakening the gigantic support columns of the buildings to failure. The result was the pancaking collapse of the floors and the subsequent total destruction of the buildings.
This is a collection of video segments highlighting the extreme temperatures of the fires which burned in the oxygen starved environment under the millions of pounds of pulverized concrete rubble of the Twin Towers and Building 7, and the streams and pools of molten steel and iron witnessed by firefighters and rescue personnel during the many weeks of cleanup. These extreme temperatures are impossible to comprehend as being generated by office fires alone.

In spite of the statements by the many professional witnesses who claimed to have seen flowing streams and pools of molten steel and iron in the rubble beneath the collapsed WTC buildings and the extreme temperatures recorded in the rubble which cannot be explained by smoldering office fires, NIST Lead Investigator Dr. John Gross had this response when asked to comment on the molten metal seen by firefighters: “Lets go back to your basic premise that there was a pool of molten steel – uh, I know of absolutely nobody – no eyewitnesses who said so – nobody who’s produced it. Uh, I was on the site – I was on the steel yard, so I can’t – I don’t know that that’s so.” [

Since an object cannot become hotter than the heat or fire applied to it, office fires cannot be expected to generate such extreme temperatures. However, an explanation – and possibly “the only” explanation – for the molten metal and extreme temperatures was uncovered when, in 2007, researchers found unreacted Nano-Thermite in all dust samples taken after the WTC collapses. Nano-Thermite is a highly advanced weapons grade explosive and incendiary, which in just two-seconds, can reach temperatures over 4,500 degrees F – more than enough to melt steel which melts at 2,750 degrees F – and also explains the extreme temperatures in the oxygen starved environment deep under the rubble because Nano-Thermite contains its own oxygen source and will burn under water. However, when asked whether NIST had found any traces of explosives in the dust samples, NIST replied: “NIST…found no corroborating evidence to suggest that explosives were used to bring down the buildings.” Then, when NIST was asked if they had actually checked for explosives, they replied: “NIST did not test for the presence of explosive residue.”
[ – 00:16:18 in the video]

The laws of Physics also took a hit when the “Official” “pancaking floors” collapse theory had each of the 110 successive floors pulverizing, and the buildings collapsing at the same rate as a billiard ball falling through thin air – the free-falling billiard ball, encountering absolutely no resistance, would take 9.2 seconds. In the “real world” however, the “pancaking” collapse, with the floors creating and encountering resistance, should take approximately ninety-six seconds (07:00 in this video).

Also strange were the street level forewarnings that the buildings were going to collapse (07:41 in this video), and the statement of Larry Silverstein, the WTC leaseholder, interviewed for a 2002 PBS documentary, that the decision was made to “Pull” Building 7, just seven hours after the Twin Towers fell. “Pull” is an industry term for controlled demolition”. It generally takes weeks or months to wire a building for the kind of precision implosion witnessed in Building 7’s demise.

Controlled demolition could be considered within the realm of possibility, not only because of the Thermite particles found and the comments of witnesses, but also because the elevator modernization project being undertaken in the nine months prior to 9/11 provided workers access to the core columns of the skyscrapers, and could theoretically have provided the means and the cover, as well as the time needed for placing explosives. It is interesting that G.W. Bush’s brother, Marvin Bush, and their cousin, Wirt Walker, were principals in Securacom, the company which provided security for the World Trade Center.

– 9/11 False Flag Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)